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Old Disk Drives.

I have received the following private replies to my post about this subject.
Since the initial enquiry was not mine I am forwarding them onto the
Telecine list since it seems to be good information.

I have no need of this service here at FotoKem since we have none of these
devices, but thanks to all of those who responded.

Paul Chapman


		The company that you  were looking for to repair/supply old
hard drives is:

			ARRAID, Inc
			Phoenix, AZ
			Info at arraid.com <mailto:Info at arraid.com>
			www.arraid.com <http://www.arraid.com>



		Scott R. Ackerman
		Director of Engineering - HDTV Products
Hi Paul,

As an ex-Accomer I just wanted to mention that the older RTD and A66 drives
were modified by Abekas and Accom to be parallel access.  The expertise
needed here was not trivial and only Abekas and Accom developed it.  This is
why the older RTD and A66 drives are rare and expensive.

If another company has develop the ability to take apart a normal drive,
machine the case and add the internal electronics to bring the signals
outside for every disk surface, I am surprised and would be a bit skeptical
about reliability.  The other possibility is that they are only replacing
the disks themselves. But still, this is not trivial, and damage to the
flexible printed wiring that attaches to the moving heads is easily done.

You probably knew this already but I thought I would mention it anyway.

Best regards,

Ed Engberg
SyntheSys Research


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