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Re: My travels

Thought I had better write a note regarding Jim Manns comments on the
Channel Blending of Pogle.

There seemed to be a misunderstanding, the blending is in fact like a
dissolve between layers, not a blending of RGB colour channels, so probably
wouldn't help with blue noise etc.

Jim, you still owe me an answer about that Electrum Dot at NAB!!

Oh, BTW, how nice it is to come back to PAL after NTSC, and NOT deal with
all this 3:2 thing... (lets not mention flicker eh?).

Now to give everyone a chance to jump on me.....  Would anyone fly in a
plane if it contained the software that we have to work with?  OK, at least
you can reboot in a session, unlike the Airbus that locked up over Hong Kong
a few years ago!

Ken Robinson
Copenhagen, Denmark.

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