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Re: [A & B roll]

On 1999-08-19 at 16:47, John_Sprung at paramount.com (John_Sprung at paramount.com) wrote:

> P.S.:  This rule about never mentioning manufacturers or vendors by
> name is really getting to be a pain.

There is no rule preventing the your mentioning manufacturers or
vendors-- the 'rule', such as it is, is that there be no marketing of
products on the main TIG mailinglist.  Because comments, positive or
negative, can be misconstrued quite easily when the audience is very
large, the wise correspondent will disclaim any financial connection
with the companies mentioned.  This is how Usenet has operated for
many years, and has proven very useful on the TIG.

If there is no disclaimer and the poster comes out with strong
opinions about a product, one should take them with a grain of salt.

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