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Cadence Corrector

David Crosthwait asked:
"Does anyone in town have a working, semi real-time cadence corrector up
running (honestly) ?"

To All:

I recently saw a demo of such a system at 4MC in Burbank.  It will give
you a print out of every
cut and  will tell you if the cadence is correct or not (2/3 field film
frame sequence).  It will correct
every wrong cadence in real time. I saw the results in real time and
also stepping through a field or frame
at a time and it looked great.

Give Merle Sharp at 4MC a call.  He is the engineering manager for the
division that designed this
equipment.  Dave Holland, the engineer behind the Image Transform (now
4MC) video to film system
designed this "box".  By the way the hit film "The Blair Witch Project"
was transformed to film on this
system.  Merle's phone number is 818-840-7239.

Regards, Bill Hogan

Thanks to Kodak for support in 1999
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