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Re: HDTV down convert OOPS!

Ah! a fresh breeze of sarcasm.... And I thought the TIG pages were 
going to get stale over IBC.

Mike Orton :-)

DC in Burbank wrote

I had a client recently who had a two hour
movie of the week done there, and it took
almost a week to process (it was a manual
operation), and it still wasn't goof proof.
Perhaps they have improved on that situation
since, but beware...

Then Jeff Dewolde said

Thank you DC for providing my peers with your most
professional analysis of our services and technologies.

Standard turn-around time is three days.  This does
not mean it takes us three days, we just need to
schedule it in with the rest of the workload.  I cannot
comment on why this particular title was delayed
for an extra day or two.

The process is not manual and even if it was, who
cares as long as it is fast, accurate and artifact free.

Thanks to Kodak for support in 1999
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