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Re: HDTV down convert / Cadence Editor

Jeff asked:
>A question we've asked ourselves is whether or not there will be a
>market for such a box or service in a year or two?  Please correct
>me if I'm wrong, but won't the high end, "A" Title transfers be migrating
>to non pulldown formats such as 1080P/24.

Yes.  Three of our five CBS shows are already working in 1080p/24.  The
other two will join them as soon as the facility they're using has the
capability (perhaps for the back nine).  Today, "Becker" became the first
of our shows to deliver to CBS by downconversion to 60i from 24p.  It's
not perfect (what is), but it's working right now.  In future seasons, as
other customers order HDTV, those shows will be made by downconversion to
whatever they want from 1080p/24 common sides.

-- J.S.

Thanks to Kodak for support in 1999
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