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Monday Night Football

Below is the Press Release for  This Monday's ABC Monday Night Football.
Of course it contains commercial content but has details about technical aspects and

what stations are on the air and including this in their schedules.  Maybe
someone from ABC can give some additional details before or after the game.
What is not said here is that the game starting in 720p base band video goes
from Denver to New York at 45 Mbits  and then is converted to base band 720p
digital for commercial integration.  It then is converted back to 45 Mbits for
distribution to each station via satellite where it is converted to 720p base band
again.  Then this is encoded by each stations transmission encoder and sent to their

So this signal from Denver has been through a lot by the time we see it
displayed.  And I believe that only the Panasonic set top box will output native
720p and all other STB's will convert this signal to either 1080i or 480p for
display.  So have a look.  Every Monday Night through the end of the year.

Bill Hogan, Sprocket Digital

* Panasonic, ABC Team to Bring Historic Telecasts to American Public *
* Full Season of "Monday Night Football", Super Bowl to Be Available in HDTV
DENVER, CO (September 10, 1999) - Television history will be made Monday
night in Denver, Colorado, as the season's initial "ABC's NFL Monday Night
Football" (MNF) game in Mile High Stadium marks the start of the first season
of regularly scheduled high definition broadcasts of sports in the United
States.  This milestone HDTV broadcast is the result of a unique
collaboration between the ABC Television Network and Panasonic Broadcast &
Television Systems Company (PBTSC), Los Angeles, CA.
 The Sept. 13th Denver Broncos/Miami Dolphins game will be the first of 17
live HDTV broadcasts of MNF games, a "wild card" playoff game on January 8th,
2000 and Super Bowl XXXIV in Atlanta, Georgia, January 30th, 2000.  The HDTV
telecast will be broadcast in 720 Progressive, ABC's selected HDTV format.
The HDTV broadcast is produced and transmitted independently of MNF on the
traditional analog network. More than 25 ABC stations will broadcast the MNF
games in HDTV (see page 3 for a listing of ABC stations).
This historic broadcast will be produced in Denver from the 58-foot
Panasonic/ABC HDTV production truck, designed and engineered by PBTSC and its
systems integrator, Synergistic Technologies, Inc. (STI), Canonsburg, PA.
PBTSC and STI engineered the 58-foot HDTV studio production truck in a
highly-compressed timeline of 129 days, eight days ahead of schedule.
   "ABC's telecasts of  'NFL Monday Night Football' and Super Bowl XXXIV will
vividly demonstrate the very best in HDTV, from its 16x9 wide screen images
to outstanding picture clarity to cinema-quality sound," said Warren Allgyer,
President, PBTSC. "The Panasonic/ABC HDTV production truck is a testament to
our systems integration capabilities, and is an excellent showcase for
Panasonic's end-to-end HDTV solutions, from advanced production equipment to
consumer 16x9 DTV receivers."
 "By taking a leadership position in providing attractive HDTV programming,
Panasonic is facilitating the entire DTV program process, from the camera
capturing the images, all the way through to the DTV television set
displaying them in a consumer's home," Allgyer added.
 The Panasonic/ABC production truck also features another television "first"
- the first all-HDTV 16x9 monitor wall using flat panel plasma and LCD
displays.  Up until now, HDTV trucks have done most production monitoring on
less costly 4x3 NTSC monitors. Two Panasonic's PT-42P1 42" Gas Plasma
displays will serve as the monitor wall's centerpiece. A third Panasonic 42"
plasma display will be utilized in the announcers' booth. The PT-42P1 set the
world standard for brightness and thinness in 42-inch plasma displays.
 The Panasonic HDTV equipment integral to the operation of the Panasonic/ABC
HDTV production truck includes:
* Four AQ-7200P 720P full-featured studio cameras and three AQ-720P hand-held
cameras will be used for acquisition of the game. The 720P cameras generate
60 progressive frames/second to produce high definition images free from
interlace artifacts.
* Four AJ-HD2700 1080i/720P D-5 HD VTRs will be used for recording,
slow-motion replays as well as playback of prerecorded elements.
* Four AJ-HDP510 720P HDTV processors allow the truck's HD Digital disk
recorders to record the 720P signal for use in instant replays, editing and
integrating moving graphics.
* AJ-UFC1800 Universal Format Converters make it possible to convert
television signals between video formats recognized under the U.S. ATSC-DTV
* Two Panasonic WR-DA7V digital audio mixers have been linked together in the
  truck's audio suite to mix up to 64 inputs of 5.1 channel surround sound;
 The Panasonic/ABC HDTV production truck is also outfitted with equipment
from other video manufacturers, including Canon, Chyron, Fujinon, Leitch,
NVision, Pluto, Snell & Wilcox, Tektronix, Tiernan, and SGI .
 To view the Panasonic/ABC HDTV production truck, log onto
 Los Angeles-based Panasonic Broadcast & Television Systems Co. (PBTSC)
(NYSE/PCX: MC) is a leading supplier of broadcast and professional video and
audio products and systems, including the Astrovisionr large-screen video
display. PBTSC is dedicated to providing customers with comprehensive
equipment choices, from Emmy Award-winning D-5 high definition and DVCPRO
digital VTRs to ultra-bright presentation systems and advanced digital audio
mixing consoles.
 STI is a nationally recognized system integrator, specializing in digital
HDTV, SD production and broadcast facilities, and DTV broadcast systems.

ABC stations to broadcast the MNF games in HDTV

WCPO, Cincinnati, OH         KABC, Los Angeles, CA
WCVB, Boston, MA             KATU, Portland. OR
WEWS, Cleveland, OH        KGO, San Francisco, CA
WFAA, Dallas, TX                 KGTV, San Diego, CA
WKOW, Madison, WI            KITV, Honolulu, HI
WMUR, Manchester, NH        KMGH, Denver, CO
WPLG, Miami, FL                  KOMO, Seattle, WA
WPVI,Philadelphia, PA            KXLY, Spokane, WA
WRTV, Indianapolis, IN             KTRK,Houston, TX
WSB, Atlanta, GA
WSOC, Charlotte, NC
WTAE, Pittsburgh, PA
WTNH, New Haven, CT
WTVD, Raleigh/Durham, NC
WXYZ, Detroit, MI

Thanks to Kodak for support in 1999
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