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OK BT.....

Thought I'd post MY thoughts on what I saw at IBC.....

My thoughts are mine!

ITK. I think we were the first in to see Stuart power up the Millenium telecine for Saturday..... Velly, velly interesting..... Lets see some pictures..... I also just read an impressive little brochure from them promising what everyone dreamed about from a telecine manufacturer, regarding support.....

Pandora, saw the Mega One at long last, yes thats ok and working, looking forward to defocus.....

Cintel, a new (well, to me) brushed aluminium Rascal telecine doing HD. I didn't have time to look, but I had another look at C-Reality, yes an improvement since NAB, couldn't see any noise in a still picture, (unlike NAB), that is until you put the anti scratch filter in, they say that most scratches appear in older material that is probably grainy, so a little extra noise wouldn't really be noticed.......? Obviously I haven't driven a CR so cannot comment on its drivability.

Philips. Just saw their Quadra replacement in seperated pieces hanging on the wall. But, I am almost in love with the Spectre, can't say exactly why at the moment as there are other disc based systems doing sort of the same thing, could it be the cool blue lights illuminating the racks???

Aaton. Indaw looks great, and that new multi format head reader... Unfortunately it was tied down, I was trying to steal it! Oh, check out the mini S16mm camera they have on their website, it almost fits in your shirt pocket!

First Arts ‘Final Solution’. I don’t know what to say about this device, it seems to be an engineering feat, that’s the impression I got..... Festa, is this what you dreamed about?? I didn’t really see enough effects yet to justify the price, I wasn't convinced either way, I'll sit on the fence for that one.

Davinci, I don’t want to say anything, as my comments could be misconstrued and would probably be irrelevant. Anyway I have spent no time on the 2k at all, I have just seen it at shows.... it seems to have all the bits that one needs! I think Craig did a great job talking about it earlier on the TIG anyway. It was nice to see the intergrated disk system.

Sony..... What happened guys? The telecine looks worse than ever, and I am not convinced at all by the stability system for non pin registered shot negatives, it really hops up and down when the stability system is switched off, anyway, that was irrelevant in comparison to the pictures.

RTI Stand..... Did you know you can get an automatic label remover for video cassettes?

I couldn't help thinking that I was walking around looking at telecines, being highly critical, meanwhile passing plasma and LCD flat screens that made me shudder; noisy, quantized, laggy pictures... The size and shape are what I dreamed about for my living room, but the quality..... It made me feel why do I bother? The best I saw was the Fujitsu on the Quantel stand. On reflection, I am convinced that especially for DVD production one is going to have to be very careful of the amount of noise reduction used and the quality of compression. I am still reeling from the DVD I bought of Crimson Tide: Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman smeared all over the place, scary that it even got through QC......


Usual disclaimer..... I work for Ankerstjerne, and own a little bit of a company in Chile.

Ken Robinson
Copenhagen, Denmark.