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Monday Night Football

Who out there got to watch it??

We had a Panasonic set-top box fed off a roof mounted antenna into a
Princeton monitor, I have to say the pictures were very good. (Most of the
time). We had some break-up at times, hard to tell where it was coming from.
We had quite a struggle to get a good signal to our receiver even being in
Burbank, line of sight to Mt. Wilson with the antenna on a four story
building. More fuel for the 8VSB/CODFM debate.

The real HD pictures were great, you could tell the condition of the pitch,
see trash on it, and read even the smallest lettering on the uniforms. And
the cuts to the STD Def. camera were quite a jolt, makes you realise what
you are missing. I enjoyed the wider shots more, it seemed like you could
see so much more of the whole game than with the tight shots, not that I
knew much about what was going on.

We had one of my colleagues present who is deaf, and we could not find any
captioning anywhere, so maybe we had the first instance of someone being
unable to enjoy the HD experience due to lack of captioning. At one point
during the pre-game they cut to an on field camera for an interview, and
lost the audio completely. I asked Frank to lip-read, but he said it was
hard when the camera was side on to both subjects. Oh well...

The audio......... well that's another story. During most of the time we
were watching the audio levels we inconsistent, and much lower than the
other channels on the air in HD in LA at the time (KNBC, KCBS). Also the
levels seemed to change and 'pump' up and down depending on who was

Congrats to ABC & Panasonic.

Paul Chapman

Now who wants to explain football to me?

Thanks to Kodak for support in 1999
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