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Thought I'd post MY thoughts on what I saw at IBC.....

My thoughts are mine!

Thanks Ken,
Frankly, too early to comment about ITK, I like the idea of the
transport separated from the racks left in the machine room. Wise
guys not to show any pictures before it's ready. 
I agree with you about defocus, apart from that ,everything else I
asked for is possible with software mods according to Martin. I felt
like I could almost put my hands inside, didn't quite feel the same
about their competitor, although it is very powerful except for the
custom curves range.
C-R looked really good in all resolutions, you can switch in a few
seconds, distinctive flying spot look. The S gamma knob is really
Interesting chat with the guys of Philips about my concerns, I feel
much better, and the extended range includes toe and shoulder
settings for gamma curve to prevent nasty clipping. I promise I wont
say anything negative about Spirit for a while :-)
I like Primal, but again it's too early to comment, and anyway just
ask for what you want and Paul will make it, for the moment it shows
you can do real time things (star filter, defocus, embossing, paint
that otherwise would have taken forever to process.

Regards to all.
JC London

Thanks to Kodak for support in 1999
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