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CBS Shows to be Broadcast in HDTV

Here is a press release that announces all the film shows that will be 
broadcast by CBS starting this week.  Should be a bunch of stories to tell
about getting this many shows on the air this week in HD.

Bill Hogan Sprocket Digital

CBS Television and Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America Inc. announced CBS' high definition
primetime schedule for the new season. 

The lineup features 12 hours of weekly programming on 15 of the network's primetime series, "the
most extensive HDTV programming package ever presented on broadcast or cable television," according
to CBS. 

The new HDTV series this fall are "Ladies Man" and "Family Law," both premiering Monday, Sept. 20,
"Judging Amy," premiering Tuesday, Sept. 21, "Work With Me," on
Wednesday, Sept. 29, and "Love or Money," premiering Friday, Oct. 8. 

Returning series to be broadcast in HD are 'Touched by and Angel," "The King of Queens", "Everybody
Loves Raymond," "Becker," "JAG," "Diagnosis Murder," "Chicago Hope," "Nash Bridges," "Early Edition"
and "Martial Law." 

Mitsubishi will underwrite the costs of producing the majority of CBS' HD programming. CBS and
Mitsubishi recently broadcast the semi-finals and finals of the U.S. Open Tennis  Championship. 

At the start of each HD broadcast, there will be an on-air banner, simulcast in HDTV and analog,
informing viewers of the Mitsubishi sponsorship and sometimes including URLs  directing viewers to
the company's consumer products.  

Eighteen of CBS O&O stations are broadcasting in digital, covering approximately 38 percent of the
nation's households. By Nov. 1, CBS expects to be transmitting digital  programming from
approximately 40 stations, reaching more than 50 percent of the nation's viewers.

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