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Re: Consumer Reaction To Digi-Projection

Christopher Bacon wrote:
> 3.  The latest trend in film projection is unitized, all-enclosed machines
> instead of open ones with separate platters.  These tend to keep the film a lot
> cleaner and in better condition, since it is not out in the open any more.
> Kodak is making great strides in film technology, and there is no reason to
> think that they've come to the end of the road on future development.  Not to
> mention the fact that Technicolor is working on reviving the IB dye film
> printing process.  Better film and projectors might make electronic projection
> less competitive than it appears now.

Sorry to reply to this so late, my TIG e-mails were getting tucked away
somewhere in my computer, and I have only now found the last three
months worth.

Film projection is horrendous, and not likely to get any better. Maybe
if theaters would at least clean the glass that might help. The platter
system allows you not to have reel changes, eliminating one
projectionist, and one projector ( Gee louie, now that we only need one
projector what should we do with this other one. I know, lets cut the
theater in half and show two movies). The one projectionist now needs to
run back and forth between projection booths. Of course new film
emporiums are designed with one central Projection Room that services
all the screens. The other advantage of the platter system is that one
print can now be used in more than one projector fairly easily. OF
course it doesn't get cleaned properly because it takes time for all the
cleaning chemicals to leach out, so the print deteriorates rapidly. Now
Kodak is I'm sure doing it's best to make it's print stock stronger and
more durable, however. Like it or not, Digital projection is going to be
big. The studios will be the only ones able to afford to buy the
projectors, I'm sure they will be happy to supply them to the
Exhibitionist for a bigger portion of the gate. Theaters really don't
make money off of the movie anyway, it's the concessions that make them
money. So what do they care. If they can get free projectors, and
advertise "DIGITAL PICTURE QUALITY" and bring in more people to buy more
overpriced popcorn, soda, and whatever they are selling now - pizza
believe it or not. Theater owners would be fools not to embrace digital projection.
It doesn't matter if it is good, as good, or better. If people will come
watch it, theaters will project it. The studios will recoup their
investment in the projectors inside of two years in savings on Prints,
and shipping.

Steven Gladstone
Cinematographer - DiSTONE Productions. No affiliation with any equipment manufacturers.

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