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Consumer Reaction re: Digi-Projection

   The previous post misses the point - the point is when done right, Film 
projection looks better period. If you want to make an analogy, audio 
provides a good one. Who out there will deny that we've lost something with 
the current CD recording standard?
Purists and Neo-Purists will tell you alike that while for the average 
consumer (audiophiles not included) CD represents a step up from analog 
compact systems of the past, something is lost in the Digitization 
process-something audible to those who hang on to vinyl and its outdated 
technolgy. Likewise, if we standardize on thedigi-projection system that is 
only capable of beating those "shoddily maintained " film houses of today, we 
are short-changing the image lovers of the future.

Who cares what Movie houses do to make money (e.g. Pizza) anyway?
We all have to make a living-- but lets not measure our efforts on this 
sleazy bottom line!

an editor in NY

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