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Re: Consumer Reaction re: Digi-Projection

>Who out there will deny that we've lost something with 
>the current CD recording standard?
>Purists and Neo-Purists will tell you alike that while for the average 
>consumer (audiophiles not included) CD represents a step up from analog 
>compact systems of the past, something is lost in the Digitization 
>process-something audible to those who hang on to vinyl and its outdated 
While I agree somewhat with this sentiment, it is a fact that vinyl
recordings, like film prints, decay and degrade with repeated use. 
This is especially true if the hardware on which the media is running is
not in top flight condition at all times.

The five hundredth time you play a vinyl record will never be as good as
the first time, simply because the physical contact between the needle and
the recorded grooves will have worn away forever some of the original
recorded information. In fact, technically speaking, only the first time or
two you listen to a vinyl album is the optimum experience to be enjoyed.
Running prints through a projector is not all that dissimilar.

While it may be argued that the purest experience comes from the organic,
intangible properties of vinyl or film, there is no doubt that the
thousandth time you listen or watch,  the experience will be less
fulfilling than the first time; this cannot in general be said of the
digital experience (unless something unusual happens to damage the source
or equipment).


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