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Re: Consumer Reaction re: Digi-Projection

DCSOS at aol.com wrote:
>    The previous post misses the point - the point is when done right, Film
> projection looks better period. If you want to make an analogy, audio
> provides a good one. Who out there will deny that we've lost something with
> the current CD recording standard?

The point was that in my humble opinion Digital Projection is going to
happen. Very fast, when it does. I saw the STAR wars, and I was fairly impressed.
Does this mean I Prefer Digital projection, NO. It just means I see it
happening. For the reasons I stated. Vinyl is still available by the
way, I would complain more about the demise of LASER DISK, for DVD, than
complain about CD versus vinyl.
Film projection has a lot going for it. Unfortunately in today's market
place, when was the last time you saw really good film projection? I've
sat in theaters where there were no projectionist. With help wanted
signs on the door saying "Projectionist wanted, NO experience needed", I
could go on. The point is Theater owners will add snazzy snack bars, and
modernize their concession stand before hiring an additional
projectionist. Why, because that is where they make there money from. If
you proved to them that hiring a real projectionist, and maintaining the
equipment better would make them more money than it cost them, then We
would be seeing real projection.
I expect Digital projection to rapidly decline, and don't expect them to
maintained very well. I certainly expect the bulbs to be run past their
lifetime, and have their voltages lowered, as is fairly routine in many
movie houses. However once in place, these projectors will be either: to
expensive to be abandoned if purchased by the Theater, or too lucrative
to be abandoned if the Studios  pay for the purchase of them. That is my
opinion, I prefer Film projection to Digital projection, I think it
looks better, however I do not control the distribution of films. I do
know that in any business, you will build up and expand what makes you
money. So if theater owners/exhibitors make more money on their
overpriced concessions than on the ticket, where do you think they would
spend the money. It should be about the Exhibition of the movie, but it
isn't. I don't prefer digital projection, but I can see the signs
pointing for it to happen.

Steven Gladstone
Cinematographer - DiSTONE Productions

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