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Re: Consumer Reaction To Digi-Projection

> Film projection is horrendous, and not likely to get any better.
> advertise "DIGITAL PICTURE QUALITY" and bring in more people

I really wonder whether the "average movie-going Joe" a) is aware of
"bad" film projection, and, b) cares. One of the benefits a of a good
story well told is that the "average movie-going Joe" is swept away...

> And don't forget that digital projection opens the theaters to 
> alternative programming generated electronically. World series,
> boxing titles, world cups etc. etc., 

I also really wonder if the "average sports-watching Joe" will forgo the
alcohol and physical freedom of his favorite sports bar for a dry and
cramped movie theater.

> The studios might balk; it's a huge investment, and it's not like the
> public will pay more for tickets once the novelty value wears off.

Exactly. Judging by the tepid interest evidenced even by the film-mad
Los Angelenos in the digital projection of the "Phantom Menace," I
wonder whether we can expect our "average movie-going, sports-watching
Joes" to pay more for tickets for digital projection.

There are some huge hurdles to widespread acceptance of digital
projection. If it were so easy, it'd be done already. I'm sure it will
happen...eventually...but I can't believe it'll happen anywhere near
"soon" (whatever that means).

BTW, in the airport on the way back from Showbiz East, I read a
newspaper article trumpeting the new consumer TV sets from Texas
Instruments. It seems their imaging system is comprised of millions of
tiny digitally-controlled mirrors. Sound familiar?

Andy "trying to see the big picture, my employer not withstanding"

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