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Re: Consumer Reaction To Digi-Projection

John_Sprung at paramount.com wrote:
> >I also really wonder if the "average sports-watching Joe" will forgo the
> >alcohol and physical freedom of his favorite sports bar for a dry and
> >cramped movie theater.
> I wonder what would happen if exhibitors applied for liquor licenses?
> In California, I think there's a beer and wine only license that they
> might be able to get.  Beer at the ball park is a precedent they could
> cite.

Liquor licenses would be a great idea regardless of the projection
technology utilized. I saw "Titanic" at an independently-owned theater
in Stowe, VT, during Xmas two years ago. The below-zero weather outside
was nicely tempered by the warm glow provided by the toasty Irish Coffee
drinks served to me by the theater's waitress in the theater's
"cocktail" section...

Andy Coradeschi

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