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RE: Consumer Reaction To Digi-Projection

I am sure they would care if they saw the difference. The remarks I got
back from "An Ideal Husband" were very positive. For a while, they ran
digital in one theatre, and film next door. I got several remarks from
people that were impressed with the difference. Let's face it: the
average release print looks just awful compared to the IP or OCN. Add in
dirt, scratches and the like and the quality becomes boarder line at


		> Film projection is horrendous, and not likely to get
any better.
		> advertise "DIGITAL PICTURE QUALITY" and bring in more

		I really wonder whether the "average movie-going Joe" a)
is aware of
		"bad" film projection, and, b) cares. One of the
benefits a of a good
		story well told is that the "average movie-going Joe" is
swept away...

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