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Re: ...Broadcast in HDTV...News you would rather not hear.

> others, who quite rightly point out that out of a 4:3 image on
> for many jobs, only the 1.77:1 framing is used. This is the "common

> sides" approach, losing the top and bottom of the frame. As Mike
> others also point out, the 4:3 extraction is a part of that 16x9 
> image, so what is the point of shooting the 4:3 to start with?

What about shooting S35 when only the academy part of the picture is
used, S35 is on the negative most of the time but rarely used as is,
has never been so popular because it doesn't give the possibility to
reframe in telecine. By shooting only what you need  and that's what
3 perfs is, you give up any chance to improve framing if necessary.

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