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Re: Re: the 3-perf thing

> Ironically, as stocks improved, the
>quality hit (at television transfer resolution) became almost moot,

Yes indeed, even more than moot.

> It still
>hasn't caught on for single camera (OK, there are some exceptions,

We make one of the exceptions, Diagnosis Murder.  I watched the first
episode on the air at Laser Pacific last night.  We're framing for
the NTSC release, and extracting the secondary 1.78 using common sides
and tilt and scan.  That yields a scanned area of 0.681" x 0.383" for
HD, compared with 0.832" x 0.468" for super 35 four perf.  Though you
might expect a big difference in resolution, the ATSC transmission
system blows it away completely.  The next show, Chicago Hope, didn't
look any sharper in HDTV.  Instead of film grain patterns changing 24
times a second, we're looking at lost DCT coefficients changing two
times a second.  Very strange to see a pan or a tilt and this somewhat
grain-like stuff just stays where it is, like dirt on the glass.  ;-)

The composition and cutting differences, though, were obvious.

-- J.S.

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