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Re: ...Broadcast in HDTV...News you would rather not hear.

Patrick Gregston wrote:
> > By shooting only what you need  and that's what
> >3 perfs is, you give up any chance to improve framing if necessary.
>  Back in film school, they told us the ability to get the image right was
> why DPs got those big bucks.

Patrick, Problem is such:
	I used to do backlit motion graphics, the Director/Designer had the art
made up, and I would shoot it, she would pick her gels, and I would run
Cynexes (Cinexes) and move tests. Under her direction I would change the
moves, and we'd test more colors. I even got to test my own picks,
although in the end it was always her choice as to color and exposure,
as it should have been. After weeks of testing, we would shoot the
final. Sadly one day this changed, and her clients wanted in on the
final comping sessions, then they wanted to change the colors at the
last moment, even though they had been approving them all along. Weeks
of testing artwork moves, and colors superimposing on each other thrown
away by someone who decided to change their mind at the last minute. We
started a new methodology, to shoot the full composite beauty pass, AND
to shoot each element separate and with no color, both moving and not
moving. This way the Client could easily change the color of the
graphics and words at a moment thought, and even the moves. Now the
Oxberry is off somewhere in Panama, and the designer works with computer
generated graphics. By the way they don't have the color range or
texture, or "Look" of the backlit graphics, but the clients don't care
as long as they can change their mind at the last moment. Which I think
is the point of all these posts about 3 perf. Commercials always shoot
full aperture, because very few people are willing to take the risk, and
make a call that is irreversible, when their superior may not like it,
and be locked in with no room for adjustment. Which is also why
commercials shoot so much footage, to get enough takes so that every
client there has at least one they like.

Steven Gladstone
Cinematographer ( not making big bucks, guess I'm too bold.)

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