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Re: ...Bdcast in HDTV. 3-perf -- HUMOR

bob at bluescreen.com wrote:

> DPs have been issued a booklet of rebate certificates expressly for this
> purpose. Be sure to ask for yours the next time some three or four thousand
> dollar a day hack brings in some over/under/poorly exposed piece of crap
> and then wants to know what's wrong with your equipment to make it look
> like that before correction.

Now Bob, see that is why I always frame up on a well preserved kodak ad
from the 1950's as the first thing the Colorist will see after the
thread up leader. Then I just sit back and say, there it should all look
like that :-)

Steven ( Grossly underpaid hack) Gladstone
Cinematographer - DiSTONE Productions   ( Not a telecine hardware or
service company)

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