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Re: ...Broadcast in HDTV...News you would rather not hear.

>We recently did dailies for a commercial shot by a big name 'A' list
>Cinematographer and very talented Director. The DP and Director composed and shot
>it with a 1.85 groundglass. They gave me a framing leader and asked for a black
>matte. We got a frantic call from the editor asking why we did that and not
>transferred full ap so they could adjust the framing if they needed to.
This is turning into a serious problem as the tools in post continue to
improve. People are simply refusing to make decisions at the point in the
process where they should be made. Everyone wants to do things as
generically or as many ways as possible until the last possible second, and
everyone wants to be able to tweak the director's vision.

Eventually, this will logically ripple down to the dub houses, where
vacillating agency creatives will be asking that it be dubbed both ways so
the decision can be deferred until it actually has to air.


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