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Re: ...Broadcast in HDTV...

Bob  at  blue screen said
> This is turning into a serious problem as the tools in post continue to
> improve. People are simply refusing to make decisions at the point in the
> process where they should be made. Everyone wants to do things as

The postulation's on this particular subject are interesting and an arbitrary
statement like
    " at the point in the  process where they should be made"
are quite disturbing in a creative industry like production.  Who said where the
decision should be made? Our environment should allow the process to be used as
the user wishes not as a technical process like making sausages... What it boils
down to is that if the tools are available why can't the clients use them.

There are several similar processes in the industry which have which are now the
norm in the industry which I am sure many ludites complained about when they
were new:-

Colour Correction....why not light and gel colour time etc to achieve specific
effects on film, why use a colour corrector

A dissolve..... why not just do a cut

Non-Linear.....Why not only shoot the scenes as the story board specifies, why
do directors want additional shots like cut-aways etc.

One Lights.....Why don't the clients just correct the scenes they want to use
why do all the shots for offline.

Pan & Scan....Why not just choose a specific aspect ratio

The answers are many and varied from lack of talent to lack of spine and lack of
vision but the decision may be best left till all the elements are in front of
the director/ producer/ client or editor.

If we have the tools what's wrong with letting the client use them.
(I am sure they get charged)  If they are not allowed to use them because of an
arbitrary decision by an individual, we would still be using flying spot
scanners and high end graphics tools would be non existent.....a shame really

I am sorry if I have ranted too long but there was a wise man who once said

"All generalisations are WRONG" and in this case that is what you have done.

Rod Sommerich
"My wife says I never listen to her. At least I think that's what she said."

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