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RE: ...Broadcast in HDTV...News you would rather not hear.

> No, but what they *are* doing is giving colorists a significant share of
> their daily rate for saving the footage (should that be necessary).
> DPs have been issued a booklet of rebate certificates expressly for this
> purpose.

We're also carrying baseball bats for the unfortunate occasions where we
meet a colourist who has forgotten his white stick/seeing eye dog and dark

Unfortunately it's hopefully not a question of saving the rushes but of
eventually getting someone to make a decision.

As a DP you can't win, "give it a look" says the director, "we can't do
anything with it in post" say the agency, so you shoot it blander to let
them not have to make a decision and they complain it's bland!.

Shoot it on 16mm tungsten balance cross processed reversal in daylight to
get a blue and grainy look and find that in TK they've made the colour
neutral and used noise reduction to get rid of the grain......


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