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Re: Re: the 3-perf thing

> The next show, Chicago Hope, didn't
> look any sharper in HDTV.  Instead of film grain patterns changing 24
> times a second, we're looking at lost DCT coefficients changing two
> times a second.  Very strange to see a pan or a tilt and this somewhat
> grain-like stuff just stays where it is, like dirt on the glass.  ;-)

I assume you're referring to broadcast compression/encoding issues and not
the original masters? I'm somewhat surprised (not shocked, just surprised)
that pre-programmed compression (a la DVD) has not thusfar been seriously
considered for HD broadcast of prime time material. Seems to me (albeit
perhaps naively) that this would provide for far more consistency in product
delivery and maintain a far higher standard for final broadcast. Of course,
it would require an extra step in an already tight post schedule, and it
would also require some agreement on delivery formats (sometimes involving
equipment not manufactured by Sony or Panasonic, which means the networks
would actually have to pay for it). But the idea of real time encoding at
the compression ratios ATSC requires is something of a dead end in terms of
maintaining quality without introducing serious artifacting along the way,
particularly with film original.

And my personal congratulations for being one of the 6 (or maybe 7) viewers
in greater Los Angeles to actually see a hi def broadcast. I still say this
is a hell of a lot of trouble and expense to go through for the miniscule
number of people who might actually care about it.

Mike Most

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