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Re: HD lookie-loos (was:the 3-perf thing)

At 10:59 AM -0700 10/2/99, Michael D. Most wrote:

>And my personal congratulations for being one of the 6 (or maybe 7) viewers
>in greater Los Angeles to actually see [sic] a hi def broadcast.

Actually, Mike, there's a HDTV tuner hooked up (until a couple days 
ago) to a Panasonic monitor in Dennis Morton's office over here at 
525. We've been watching HD broadcasts with some interest, until we 
got too busy and had to put in a DaVinci 2K and a Spirit (with HD 
outputs, of course).

I suspect there may be more people watching HD than we think, but 
whether it matters yet is another thing entirely, rather like whether 
or not split infinitives matter.

Mike O

A free beer to anyone who gets the joke and e-mails me the first 
correct response.

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