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Re: HD lookie-loos (was:the 3-perf thing)

On 1999-10-02 at 11:18, Mike (the Brit) Orton (orton at 525studios.com) wrote:

> I suspect there may be more people watching HD than we think, but 
> whether it matters yet is another thing entirely, rather like whether 
> or not split infinitives matter.

darn, I was away in Vermont when this came through.  "To actually
see..." was the split infinitive given a 'sic' in Mike Most's posting,
implying that MM took umbrage at the splitting.  Unfortunately, in
my opinion, the Oxford English Dictionary now proclaims split
infinitives to be permissible, actually.  

Split infinitives matter, when the esthetic of prose is considered,
which is something not for this group to consider, generally
speaking..  if any here are familiar with Mark Helprin's work and want
to know more about estheticians and their work, contact me.

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