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Re: ...Broadcast in HDTV...

>Bob  at  blue screen said
>> This is turning into a serious problem as the tools in post continue to
>> improve. People are simply refusing to make decisions at the point in the
>> process where they should be made.

and Rod replied

> What it boils
>down to is that if the tools are available why can't the clients use them.

Well I'm with Bob here I'm afraid. Of course it's good to have every trick
available at every turn, to use if you know what you want and how to
achieve it.
However I do believe that bedazzled by all the tricks, "the client" more
often than not just can't make up their minds!

>If we have the tools what's wrong with letting the client use them.
>(I am sure they get charged)

If the *only* bottom line is the dollar then fine, let 'em fiddle until the
cows come home. The client is always right, etc, etc, etc. (I guess in the
world of commercials this is the case and don't we just *love* it?)

But why hire top creative minds if you are then going to change or stifle
their contributions to the point where they are hardly recogniseable? Who
benefits there? The client? If I purchase a Van Gogh and have a paint-set,
does this mean that I should be allowed to touch it up a bit 'cos parts of
it aren't quite right? I paid for it, right?

> the decision may be best left till all the elements are in front of
>the director/ producer/ client or editor.

Absolutely. But, er, who? Who's going to decide? Is that a committee forming?

I'm no luddite, but I do believe there has to be a line drawn somewhere,
that a finecut is a finecut, a final grade is final, that "signed off"
means just that, and that the "creatives" in the process have some say in
how a production ends up looking and sounding. Its not the
"cut-and-come-again" magic pudding here! Or is it?

No matter how powerful the tools are, you can't buy an "experience"
plug-in. But I think some people think that they *can*, and I think that
this was what Bob was talking about. Yes, I think it is turning into a
serious problem. (But then, nuclear proliferation used to be considered a
serious problem, and there's been bugger-all done about that! ;-)



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