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Re: Reference systems

>NVisions new SG4424LP should at least eliminate some of the problem.
>Tektronix I am not suprise me, Grass Valley a different story.

The 4424 is nice, but much like other boxes out there, it only covers part
of the puzzle.

Tektronix sort-of had a nice idea with the TG2000 "Signal Generation
Platform".  This unit will take an assortment of cards that will generate
everything from Analog Video to SD Digital Component and HDTV.  I find two
problems with it:  First, the option cards are really designed to output one
and only one signal.  If you want Black, Bars and Test, you need three of
each type.  The other problem is that the pulses require yet another set of
cards and, by the time you get everything, you've put together two frames
and your sync system costs $70K !!!

Being that manufacturers have been known to lurk around the TIG, here's my
wish list on this matter.  I don't profess to being the authority on the
subject.  Comments and/or criticism is most certainly welcome:

Build a single frame with plug-in option modules that would provide the
following functionality:

Card #1
Analog Color Burst
Analog Color Bars
Analog Test Signal (see note)
Other analog pulses that nobody uses...

Card #2
AES Silence
AES Tone
AES Test (for frequency sweeps, etc.)
AES Word Clock

Card #3
Standard Definition Component Digital Black
Standard Definition Component Digital Bars
Standard Definition Component Digital Test (see note)

Card #4
HDTV Black
HDTV Test (see note)
HDTV Tri-level sync

The frame would provide support for the sharing of genlock pulses and pll
clocks among the various cards.  This would allow the generation of all
timing clocks from a common "clocks" card with the resulting savings in
avoiding the duplication of delicate circuitry.

In all cases the "test" signal should be switchable and selectable from a
set of standard signals.  It would be nice if they were downloadable from a

The "bars" outputs should have the ability to carry an ID.

All digital formats should have the ability to contain embedded audio.

Card #4 would have the ability to output any one of the most popular HDTV
formats.  To build a system that would support many of them you'd simply
install more of these and preset them to the desired standard.

The same concept could be applied to the other cards:  To have both NTSC and
PAL signals you'd buy two of the analog cards and configure them

                    (my words, my opinions, blah, blah, blah...)

Thanks to Bob Bajorek for support in 1999
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