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C-Reality in Chicago at i^3

Hello all, I would like to let you know that we
just installed our High Def C-Reality in Chicago.
To say that I am a little impressed is an understatement,  the
C-Reality was up and running within a 1/2 hour after it first was plugged in!.

I was expecting the usual slow installation
process that goes with allot our equipment, I
literally could have done a xfer after the 1st hour of plugging the machine in had it not been waiting
for DaVinci (scheduled for the following day) upgrades.

I  have been doing numerous jobs for the last 2
weeks and am very pleased to say that we have not
had one minute of down time.  The images are nothing short of
spectacular and the range has been vastly improved from prior Cintel products. The machine is noise free no matter how hard you push it.

The internal Colour Vector Image Processor or CVIP
is one of the most amazing features of C-Reality.
It allows you to isolate a color not only by hue, but also by
saturation level and luminance level.  I took a scene with a woman wearing a red necklace and was able to change the necklace to any color without changing her skin tones at all.  CVIP is very powerful and there are currently six vectors
for any give scene. This really works and is going to be very useful tool.

Blow ups and zooms are sharpest I have ever seen
and you no longer have to worry about doing big zooms and having the tube collapse.

High Def and 2k outputs are working nicely and are only push button away.  So we're ready for that when it hits the fan.

Cintel has been great and our local Cintel engineer Larry Spicer has been invaluable to us.  If anyone has any
questions about C-Reality please do not hesitate to e-mail us.

icubed at interaccess.com

Alex Scudiero
Partner/colorist  i^3 Chicago

Disclaimer:  i^3 or more specifically I do not
have any affiliation with Cintel other than being satisfied customers or any other manufacturer mentioned above. We do not wish to gain anything from our happiness with Cintel, and our only intention is to relate to the TIG our own experience with our C-Reality.