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2K training

Hello TIG!
     Things have been happening quickly at work!  Installation of our
new daVinci 2K is scheduled for the week after next, and I've just
returned from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida where I attended daVinci's
operational training class on the new machine.
     I should state at the outset that I am not employed by daVinci, and
am just a long-time happy user of their products.  I just thought it
might be interesting to share with the group some of the new features of
this amazing device.
     The most striking thing about the unit is the way secondary color
correction is handled.  Up till now, selecting a hue to modify simply
changed the hue.  Now, the hue you select becomes a matte!  Within the
matte, you not only have your traditional phase and chroma adjustments,
but RGB balance control as well!  Additionally, the mattes are
qualifiable by a variety of factors (luminance, chroma, etc.) each with
their own softness.  This gives us a lot more control of the image than
was possible with previous settings.
     The concept of Power Tiers also shows great promise.  Each tier can
be cascaded or connected serially resulting in great flexibility and a
lot more windows to use (each with their own separate correction).  This
can eliminate the need for multiple passes of color correction.
     There were numerous differences in operating procedure.  Make no
mistake, there will be a learning curve for this device.  I remember
that it was about two and a half years ago that I shared with the TIG my
transition from an older suite to what was then a state of the art one. 
Now I am blessed again as our facility keeps up with the times.  I hope
to continue to keep you all updated on this experience as once again we
go through a major change.
     I for one appreciated Alex Scudiero's sharing of his experience
with the C-Reality.  As a Spirit operator, it's great to hear the
details of what the other companies are doing.  I hope Sony Telecine
users will share info about their machines, and Pandora users will tell
us about the strong points of those units.  It's no secret that I've
personally been a long-time admirer and user of daVinci equipment, but I
realize it's a big world out there and different facilities have
different needs and preferences.  I enjoy hearing about all the
equipment that we colorists use and our experiences using it.  I ask
that the TIG take my comments not as endorsement of a particular system,
but as the sharing of an experience related to the use of that system.  
     Thanks for your time, and I'll keep you informed over the next few
weeks as to how the installation and learning curve work out, as well as
how the 2K performs in the suite!!

Bob Lovejoy
Shooters Post and Transfer
Cherry Hill, NJ

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