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Re: 2K training

>      The most striking thing about the unit is the way secondary color
> correction is handled.  Up till now, selecting a hue to modify simply
> changed the hue.  Now, the hue you select becomes a matte!  Within the
> matte, you not only have your traditional phase and chroma adjustments,
> but RGB balance control as well!  Additionally, the mattes are
> qualifiable by a variety of factors (luminance, chroma, etc.) each with
> their own softness.  This gives us a lot more control of the image than
> was possible with previous settings.

Not meaning to disrespect your posting, but alot of what you describe has
been more or less possible for a long time on other systems, its really only
now that daVinci have caught up!

You didn't mentioned anything about their discs!  Now there is the future
IMHO.....  See Spectre, and others....  How about multiple 2k passes???????
Or even 4k....

I couldn't agree more with you about the learning curve after seeing the 2k
both at NAB and IBC.

Disclaimer.... I own a part share in a RSQ, I operate a Pogle Megadef most
days attached to a Spirit, and also have access to a daVinci 888 sitting on
the end of a Diamond in the next door suite, not to mention an EdWin as
well.  Somehow I have accumulated more years operating daVinci systems than
any other!  I am not paid by any manufacturer.

Best wishes,


Ken Robinson
Copenhagen, Denmark.

"Quantum Mechanics:  The dreams stuff is made of."

Thanks to ITK for support in 1999
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