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Re: 2K training

At 07:51 PM 10/15/99 +0200, Ken Robinson wrote:
>>      The most striking thing about the unit is the way secondary color
>> correction is handled.  Up till now, selecting a hue to modify simply
>> changed the hue.  Now, the hue you select becomes a matte!  Within the
>> matte, you not only have your traditional phase and chroma adjustments,
>> but RGB balance control as well!  Additionally, the mattes are
>> qualifiable by a variety of factors (luminance, chroma, etc.) each with
>> their own softness.  This gives us a lot more control of the image than
>> was possible with previous settings.
>Not meaning to disrespect your posting, but alot of what you describe has
>been more or less possible for a long time on other systems, its really only
>now that daVinci have caught up!


I thought Robert post was very optimistic. In an age of technological
contempt, its refreshing to see some honest enthusiasm. Although, I will
have to agree with Ken. Others have developed secondaries that are easier
to use and more powerful, albeit at 601 resolutions. The whole daVinci RGB,
HSL, and replace thing needs to be ironed out, and that 'everything but'
feature seems misguided, not to mention what it takes to re prioritize or
reassign a super vector number, oh and the 6 vector seems a bit ragged for
my taste, and that secondary display.... Of course this is IMHO. As one who
is close to the fold said to me recently "where is the sense of humor in
this box?".

Robert, you will have to let us know of your opinion after you've worked
with V1.4 for a few weeks. Time has a way of coloring ones opinions. 
I hope you enjoy your learning curve :)


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