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The Learning Curve

Bob Festa wrote:
> I hope you enjoy your learning curve :)

     Actually, I always enjoy the learning curve.  It's really
refreshing to face a challenge.  I intend to jump in head first, rather
than ease my way in as some have suggested.  I realized from the
training that this machine would operate differently.  I feel I gleaned
enough insight to grasp the principles involved, now it's a matter of
learning where everything is and how it responds.

>As one who is close to the fold said to me recently "where is the sense of humor in this box?".

     Anyone here remember the TOPSY?  It had a help key attached to a
VDU and would pop up with "Why don't you grab a cup of coffee and we'll
sort this out" kind of message.  It was cute the first twelve or so
times it came up...
     But seriously, I don't really think it's all that dry a unit.  The
ADO didn't strike me as a barrel of laughs, either, but it did what you
asked of it pretty efficiently.  All I ask of any equipment is to
function reliably repeatedly.  I understand that in complex devices
errors can happen, either on my part or from bugs in the code.  This
would be the trailing edge of the learning curve.
     The leading edge of the curve is the steepest.  I'm ready to go,
and I hope to get this thing figured out fairly quickly.  It took me
three weeks to get to speed on the DUI from the classic, but I was
running jobs the day after install was completed.  I expect this
experience to be similar.
     I'll take it for granted that there will be issues.  There are
always things in new boxes that have to get worked out.  For me, that's
all part of the fun of learning something new.  
     Thanks to Bob and Ken for their replies.  Ken, the disc thing (you
mean like SpiDDR, right?) is new for them and in development; I don't
know any specifics yet.  Of course multiple 2K passes are possible, but
cascaded power tiers should obviate the need for them.  The box does 4k,
but not in real time.  And Bob, I'll be certain to let you and all the
TIG know how things are going after living with this puppy for a few
weeks!  For now, let enthusiasm ring...

Bob Lovejoy
Shooters Post & Transfer
Cherry Hill

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