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Re: Survey of tig participants

Most of us know Mike Orton, and he and I discussed the following
fairly completely, owing to the fact that we have a rule here that
there be no 'surveys' conducted over the TIG (they are often
marketing-related and profit their originators).  Mike's, if you read
on, is different, and could be of some good value to the TIG at large.

Rob, here's my pitch: 

Dear TIG'rs. I know many of you know me personally, or at least by way
of my rather pointed postings in the last few years. This time, I'm
writing asking for your help.

I'll go straight for it: I've gone back to school, as many of you have
done in the past or will do in the future.
As part of my Statistics and Business Economics Class, I'm required to
perform a MEANINGFUL survey, amd present the results. I thought about
this for a long time before hitting upon perhaps a survey of the TIG
members about attitudes to, expected timelines of, and proposed
spending on HDTV equipment. I thought this might have interest to many
of the TIG members, (and I may, if time permits, extend this to asking
the flame-news group as well), primarily because Rob has assembled a
formidable post-production readership, which extends to many Chief
Engineers, and facility managers.

My plan would be to keep the individual responses completely 
confidential, but produce a total statistical analysis at the end of 
the project, which would be available to any TIG members. In other 
words it would be a *mutual benefit* 

Below is a precis of the idea for the survey, which my partner and I 
presented at the last class. My partner is a PhD working at Rocketdyne, 
so is not connected with this industry. I am now very freelance, and so 
I can guarantee complete anonymity and confidentiality to anyone who 
I contacted Rob about the idea, and he told me that if the project were 
of a commercial nature, he would (quite rightly) nix it immediately. 
But since it is an academic project, intended to benefit the TIG 
membership (as well as me!), he would forward a write-up of the idea to 
you, the membership, and basically poll everyone to see if you would 
allow this to happen on the TIG.  

So here it is. I would appreciate a yes-vote, but I would understand
if many people did not like the idea. As I said to Rob: If you do not
think it would be appropriate, I would be disappointed, but
understanding, nonetheless. I would appreciate it if you could let me
know ASAP if you would *not* want this to happen, so that I can
scramble to get a new project going.

One of us (MO) is involved with the broadcast television and film 
effects industry. This industry is on the brink of a revolution in 
terms of high-definition television and data transmission, together 
with electronic delivery of feature films, instead of traditional 
methods of release. This involves releasing feature films to theaters 
in purely electronic form, and content delivery via the Internet. The 
industry-wide response to this opportunity will make or break many 
competing companies. 

Our plan is to survey the over 1000 members of a high-end Internet 
mailing and newsgroup, the Telecine Internet Group, or TIG. The members 
of this group include film-to-tape specialists and chief engineers from 
around the world, together with manufacturers of equipment and company 
owners. We will design questions to determine the qualitative attitudes 
towards the new technologies, and the anticipated timeframe from each 
respondents point of view. We will also ask questions to establish job 
function, geographical location, and type of company, together with 
available budgets for the new technologies as a function of time, and 
as a function of the individual's total budget. 

If time permits, the survey will be extended to similar members of a 
television/film graphical software users group, the "flame-news group", 
also on the internet, for comparison or additional data purposes. The 
members of this group have the common interest that they use different 
high-end compositing and editing software packages from the leading 
company in the field. Many of the members of this group also subscribe 
to the TIG. We plan to take account of this in the statistical study. 

Thanks in advance to all 

Mike O 

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