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No opinions.


Just thought I would share this.

I was surprised that at IBC time (September) where this show was very
telecine intensive, that there was hardly a comment on the TIG.

Four new telecine's were launched (5 if you include the European launch of
Electrum) and hardly a whisper on the TIG. Announcement of forthcoming
Spirit 2 (what would you like featured in this product?) First showing of
Rascal, Millennium, Shadow concept and ITK HDTV upgrade and almost no one
has an opinion they wish to share on this list.  There are over a thousand
subscribers here.

Could this be because....

a) Everyone is getting a life and are not so interested in the Industry.

b) It takes more than 4 new TK's launched and a host of other goodies to
stimulate our jaded minds.

c) People are scared of being flamed if they say something less than glowing
about a TK or manufacturer.

d) Alien abduction to members of the list that mention NEW and TELECINE in
the same breath.

There has never been a time where there are so many TK manufacturers chasing
market share and releasing not one TK but two or three. Whether there is
room in this market for so much product is debatable but it's strange that
this is not being discussed here or the differences between these new

E-Cinema has been discussed heavily as well as HDTV but this is a telecine
mailing group that seems it doesn't like discussing telecine other than
working practices!

Seriously, there are lot's of new people coming through in this industry
that would love to learn from this lists views. The expertise and quality of
individuals on this list is exceptionally high and views are important and
do indeed shape our industry.

If you have a view then please post it, everyone has an opinion and this
will be respected.

There was a great shoot out in the past between Spirit and Ursa Gold, maybe
similar tests between other combinations would be cool. Sony versus Rascal
for instance? or C-Reality versus Spirit? Just a thought.

Kind wishes

Paul Grace.


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