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RE: No opinions.

Bill Topazio wrote that he had complaints from manufacturers when he wrote
about their products on the TIG. He doesn't specify whether it was the same
manufacturer 3 times or different people. Either way, it is a pretty
desperate state of affairs, and incredibly short-sighted on the part of the

Speaking as a professional communicator (who has at times been paid to
write about the products of a telecine manufacturer) I see the TIG as one
of the most powerful resources for the marketing departments of all
manufacturers. All you have to do is open your e-mail every morning and
your market is telling you exactly what it is thinking. How easy can it be?
And why on earth would you want to change that?

I hope that those with opinions will continue to speak out on all the
issues, large and small, and stuff the salesmen who get touchy at the
slightest hint of criticism.

And Bill: if the manufacturer leaning on you is the one with which I am
occasionally associated, please let me know the individual concerned and I
will break his legs.

Dick Hobbs

(Editor of Cintel's magazine Images, but writing here as an independent
observer of the telecine business and an avid TIG reader)

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