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Re: No opinions.

At 11:07 AM 10/18/99 +0100, Paul Grace wrote:
>Just thought I would share this.
>I was surprised that at IBC time (September) where this show was very
>telecine intensive, that there was hardly a comment on the TIG.

>Could this be because....
>d) Alien abduction to members of the list that mention NEW and TELECINE in
>the same breath.

Well now, Paul certainly has opened an interesting can here.....
I have a few possible suggestions...

a. Everyone is tired of thin-skinned whining manufacturers.

b. There are so many new things going on no one's figured out who's lying yet.

c. Buffing up for HD is so expensive the only conversation anyone is having
is with their accountants.

d. Anyone THINKING about ignoring data or HD transfer purchases has been
abducted by aliens in an elaborate US Government / NAB pact conspiracy..........

e. Nothing anyone saw was that great.

I was at IBC. It was a good show. I learned a lot.  I was particularily
unimpressed with Primal. I've been asking about this box since it was first
mentioned on the TIG.... I was really looking forward to seeing a well
thought out, colorist "toolbox" if you will. I had hoped for organic feeling
effects, and ideas based on photographic and optical picture aqusition.
Maybe even old, optical printing techniques (I'm talking stills here--you
know 35mm, 2 1/4 -120mm, 4x5, etc) What I saw was a box that was one step
above a common digital switcher, with a few added ideas from the cokin
filter company (longtime manufacturers of plastic low end "hobbyist"
filters). The next time anyone wants to talk about "film-style" effects
could that manufacturer please bother to remember that we primarily work
with "film aquired" materials? To say the very least "optical effects"
should come to mind? and please, Star filters do not qualify as "optical".
Star filters are for jazzing up boring corporate videos and the like.... I
personally have no need.

That aside, sure IBC was great, if not just because there are far FEWER
people and you could actually get in a booth, talk to some people, and learn
more than the Hype.

Data is the word is the word is the word...............OK, no surprise here.
It'd be nice if the general manufacturer approach was all about servicing
all ( or as many as possible) OPTIONS. Instead, the prevailing concept was
to dictate to us buyers of technology what we should want.. i.e; READ:  What
fits the particular manufacturers ideas ( infrastructure, capabilities).

Would love to talk about ITK' millenium but it don't work yet.

C-reality looked fabulous. Rascal's a hell of an idea.

Spirit is a workhorse.....what the hell is Spirit 2 really? coming in 2001?
my ass.......I was told any Spirit owner would have "an aggressive and
affordable upgrade path"  see above.  To a new machine with an entirely new
array? ( from what I can tell) see above again.

Didn't bother with Sony.

Well, that's my take-- crusty as ever -- jaded as usual.

I don't work for anyone but me, and i'm really tired of these stupid
disclaimers ...look me up on the web to find out what my bent is, and save
me the time of this protocol "stuff".

Yours in knob twisting, panel tapping, ball diddling and the like....

Craig Leffel


Craig Leffel                    
Senior Colorist / Partner                         
Optimus, Inc.
161 East Grand Ave.
Chicago, Il 60611


craig at opt1mus.com



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