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Re: C-Reality in Chicago at i^3

DGS is a UK refurbisher of old Cintel telecines.......

As everyone has seemed to become tired of pussy footing around on the TIG
(at last!), (Bill, congrats on your phone calls...  I never get any!), I
would like to know why we have some people saying how wonderful C-Reality is
and others who are simply returning them!  As I said in my posting after
IBC, I saw enough improvements to feel that the machine now has a chance.
My concern at the present from what I hear are:  Software instability and
the scratch removal system.

BTW, Is there a Sony TK in New York now?

Ken Robinson
Copenhagen, Denmark.

"Quantum Mechanics:  The dreams stuff is made of."

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> Your congratulations are meaningless, posted to the TIG in such a fashion.

Thanks to ITK for support in 1999
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