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Re: No opinions.

*OK, after a couple o' beers I'm ready to add back to that:
My comments begin with *.  Please forgive any alcohol-induced
errors in spelling or grammar (but not intent).

*First of all, roger to a-d below!

---------------Original Message---------------
a. Everyone is tired of thin-skinned whining manufacturers.

b. There are so many new things going on no one's figured out who's lying yet.

c. Buffing up for HD is so expensive the only conversation anyone is having
is with their accountants.

d. Anyone THINKING about ignoring data or HD transfer purchases has been
abducted by aliens in an elaborate US Government / NAB pact conspiracy..........

I was at IBC. It was a good show. I learned a lot.  I was particularily
unimpressed with Primal...

* Well, I thought Primal was pretty cool, especially the photo defocus.
Aside from that, the mere fact of realtime effects tickled my fancy...
Paul, what if The Q ever found out! :-)

*My negative comment on that is the inability for the user to add plug-ins.
Jeez, PG, nice idea about "no moving parts", but isn't the RAM card a bit

Would love to talk about ITK' millenium but it don't work yet.

*Yeah, bummed me out too.  At the risk of another phone call, I have to
say that I am surprised at how a company can garner that much attention
without images to back it up.  It was supposed to be fixed within 2 weeks,
but apparently the next viewing will be at SMPTE in NYC in mid-November.
Great company morale, though!  Keep on truckin'!

C-reality looked fabulous. Rascal's a hell of an idea.

*Yes to the first.  "WHY" to the second.  Not too impressed w/ Rascal, 
mostly due to a) trouble in the blacks and b) they put it right next to 
a CR!  Anybody have comments from Nashville?  After Donna got through
with y'all, anybody even remember Nashville?

*Also, I thought the "scratch filter" was a waste: too much SNR penalty
to warrant the minimal efficacy, in my opinion.

Spirit is a workhorse.....what the hell is Spirit 2 really? coming in 2001?
my ass.......I was told any Spirit owner would have "an aggressive and
affordable upgrade path"  see above.

*2002 is what I heard.  Same concept: Y>rgb sampling, but everything 
scaled up to "4K".  I reckon about 3-500K upgrade... will the base price 
of a regular Spirit drop?????

Didn't bother with Sony.

* Me neither.

* Since everybody is in bed with everyone else, I won't waste the 
bandwidth on disclaimers either.  You figure it out.

----------End of Original Message----------

"Trust the computer industry to shorten "Year 2000" to Y2K. It was
this kind of thinking that caused the problem in the first place."
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