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RE: No opinions.

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Bill Topazio wrote that he had complaints from manufacturers when he wrote
about their products on the TIG. He doesn't specify whether it was the same
manufacturer 3 times or different people. Either way, it is a pretty
desperate state of affairs, and incredibly short-sighted on the part of the

* It was 3 different manufacturers (I sure know how to piss 'em off,
I guess.  Who'd a figured?  Dave Satin, c'mon, help me out here!
That affects my spontanaity, but I also don't mind being the target, 
so fear not, my spirit will not be broken.  Now as for my diamonds
and itk's, well, that's another story.?

And Bill: if the manufacturer leaning on you is the one with which I am
occasionally associated, please let me know the individual concerned and I
will break his legs.

* No names will be mentioned.  No false moves and nobody gets hurt... 
I'm a staunch supporter of open TIG and try hard to a) keep opinions
flowing and b) not wallow in the mire.  I've been guilty of both and the 
collective TIG spirit (damn, there's that word again) has seen me through.

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"Trust the computer industry to shorten "Year 2000" to Y2K. It was
this kind of thinking that caused the problem in the first place."
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