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Re: Returned mail: User unknown

in this age of nonstandard mail transport, and mail user, agents, one
of the frustrating tasks for a sysadmin is to trace back the original
address of failing mail that is being forwarded without header
rewriting.  This compuserve address is failing repeatedly, and is not
specifically in the distribution for the TIG- in other words,
apparently a different address is subscribed, which is forwarding to
this address, and the bounce diagnostic gives no clue as to the
original address.  I post this to the group at large to ask if anyone
knows who this person could possibly be, and either to contact him/her
to ask what is the TIG-subscribed address, or have him/her contact me
directly, thank you very much.

>    ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
> <ejohan1999 at cs.com>

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