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>Star filters are for jazzing up boring corporate videos
>the like.... I 
>personally have no need. 
>Well, that's my take-- crusty as ever -- jaded as usual. 

Hi Craig, 
Sorry I was not able to personally demo Primal to you as I was

splitting my time with demoing our software on an Inferno on

Discreet's booth. 
We showed true sub pixel gaussian filters in real time. No one

else can do this. This generates photo quality defocus. We also

showed a cool sharpen tool and other stuff. We wrote the Star

filter expecially for the show to attract attention. On a crowded

booth with strange film and monitoring it is hard for anyone

to assess how good a particular algorithm is such as sharpen

so we chose an over the top filter example to show Primal can

generate anything. Diffussion filters such as Promist are easier

to generate but less obvious to people walking past the booth.

Yes I agree the real life usage of a star filter is small as

indeed is the Fire works spark plug in from 5D for Discreet systems

but they demonstrate possibilities. In the 4 weeks since the

show we have added auto colour calibration, grain suppression

and dynamic masks. Primal is software based and will grow and

grow, importantly from the feedback of colourists needs. I appreciate

your critisism, please tell me, write a list to me, of filters

you would like to have. 
Kind wishes 
Paul. :)

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