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IBC 1999

OK Rob, I tried to stay quiet this year, but

Here are a few impressions from IBC '99:

1.  The weather was unusually sunny and mild.  This was the first IBC where 
I didn't ever use my umbrella.  Bill Topazio came fully prepared.  He 
always wore the proper regulation Hawaiian shirts.  I didn't tell him that 
the chroma levels were quite illegal, however.

2.  I was told it took the Sony folks at least 10 minutes to change from 
35mm film to 16mm format on their newly renamed telecine - the "Vialto" (I 
think that was the new name).  That was because they had to fully power it 
down and then switch each roller individually.  But when it was turned back 
on it still sounded like a Singer sewing machine.

3.  It was fun to meet someone I only "knew" from his TIG postings over the 
years -Ken R.- and now have a nice smiling face to associate with his 
musings.  We met in the Phillips booth.  We were both gazing at the 
assorted pieces behind a glass case of what is eventually supposed to 
become a new telecine called the "Shadow" (a new lower cost Spirit we were 
told - why not just call it "Spirit-Light"?  Perhaps the Kodak people have 
trademarked the word "Light"?  Must research this).

4.  The highlight of the show was the morning I looked inside the Daily IBC 
News and discovered individual articles about two well known rival telecine 
manufacturers on the same page.  What was amazing is that in each of these 
articles both companies gave unsolicited (but well deserved) praise to the 
technical talents of yet a third up and coming telecine manufacturer - and 
it was still 2 days to go before the party at the Rum Runners!  I used to 
think that only happens after the alcohol kicks in.

5. Speaking of which, the Telecine party at the Rum Runners started later 
and ended earlier than any previous year.  I bet it cost the sponsors a lot 
more too (Disclaimer: my company was not a sponsor this year).  Maybe it is 
time for a new location?

Now that is a controversial thought.

-Neil Feldman
President, Video Post and Transfer, Inc.

Thanks to ITK for support in 1999
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