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Rascal impressions

Bill Topazio wrote:
> C-reality looked fabulous. Rascal's a hell of an
>Yes to the first. "WHY" to the second. Not too
impressed w/ Rascal, 
>  mostly due to a) trouble in the blacks and b)
they put it right next to 
>a CR! Anybody have comments from
Nashville? After Donna got through
> with y'all, anybody even remember Nashville?

Hi Bill ;

I was fortunate to be invited by Donna and the
Options International Family to drive the Rascal
in Nashville. I believe this was the same
machine that was at IBC. (If Iím wrong correct
me.) The machine was set up with a daVinci
888 dui, we viewed the output on a Sony HD
monitor in 1080i and the 525 output also on a
Sony with a 601 in. All color corrections were
done in the Rascal, the 888 side of the daVinci
was bypassed.
Contours and master saturation were not hooked
up yet.

I bring my own test film to these things and the
first thing I noticed was a even field of focus
across the S35 frame, which I expected, the
surprise was S16, Itís side to side focus was also
excellent. North-South steadiness was good, this
machine had a metaspeed and the east west
movement was standard Ursa performance. 

Bill speaks of trouble in the blacks. I  found
balancing the blacks of my Vision TAF 
almost impossible. Then I put a piece a exposed
EK base in the 35 gate and took a look at the 
shading, I quickly discovered the black shading
was way out. The Cintel boys  tweaked it up and
after that I had no problems balancing the TAF
and was able to make pretty pictures.

 On the upside the 525 output looked clean and sharp
and indeed very Ursa like. The HD output was
not there yet. I felt in was a little on the soft side
and too much noise in the hot whites that were 3
to 4 stops over exposed. Despite these draw
backs the image in 1080i was quite good.
However I and others felt that Cintel is asking
too much of the Pmtís. I understand they are
currently looking into fitting Rascal cell box 
with the APDís from the C-R. I think the HD
output needs the help.

I am a freelance colorist and my mind is my
own. I have worked for Cintel in the past(NAB)
and was paid by Options to be in Nashville. I
would have posted sooner but it took me this
long to emerge from my alcohol induced coma.
Jim Mann
Freelance Colorist

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