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Re: C-Reality in Chicago at i^3

John Sprung wrote:

<Word I heard from two different post houses here in Los Angeles (folks
who don't talk to each other) both say that when you run film on the
machines they had, there's less on
the roll when you take it down than was there when you put it up.
The film gets a little narrower, and the part you get to keep came from
the edges.
Both returned the machines for that reason.

Hi John,
        I can not speak for the folks in L.A., but talking to someone
high up at Cintel the word is that the same colorist sent the machines
back from those two seperate facilities.  Company A bought him what he
originally wanted a C-Reality, then Company B got him away if they would
also buy him a C-Reality.  So he goes to Company B and Company A no
longer needs to lay out the extra cash so they return the machine,
meanwhile the colorist now at company B for whatever reason (personal or
his machine wasn't ready at the time) doesn't want the C-Reality any
longer, so they send it back.  1 colorist 2 machines returned.

Also, as far as scratching or dusting,  I can only speak of my
experience on my C-Reality.  I have done thousands of feet of negative
both 35mm and 16mm in the last 3 weeks since I have had this telecine.
There is no damage to any negative ever.  However having said that on
35mm the very outside edge on the left side is dusting a little bit.  It
is a very minor amount and they are very close to a fix.  The clients
negative is in no danger at all. If you clean your gate before and after
each job like you should anyway,  there is no chance of any scratching
at all.

As with any new technology there is going to be a few hiccups along the
way, some folks like to have the leading edge in technology and others
don't, they simply want to wait to the final end then jump in, and that
is fine if it is what they are comfortable with.  The machine is very
stable and has yet to crash or go down at all.  Cintel  has been very
open and honest ( a rarity these days with some manufacturers) with us
and you are able to talk to the appropiate person whether here in the
U.S. or abroad. They listen and tell you exactly where they are on any
concern or idea you may have. My telecine engineer/partner  Mark Adler
has had not to make one single adjustment to the C-Reality and he is a
very discerning engineer.

This machine has unlimited potential, being somewhere in the
neighborhood of 75% software based it is going to be very easy to update
it to do any standard that we can imagine or those that we probably
haven't imagined yet.

Thank You,
e-mail always welcome
alex scudiero   Partner/Colorist   i^3
icubed at interaccess.com

usual disclaimer: only a satisfied Cintel customer not ashamed to speak
the truth. No other affiliation.

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