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at i^3

> There is no damage to any negative ever.  However having said that on
> 35mm the very outside edge on the left side is dusting a little bit.  It
> is a very minor amount and they are very close to a fix.  The clients
> negative is in no danger at all.

For interest, we have C-Reality at Rushes London and have always used a
proprietary 35mm gate I designed myself when we took delivery of the
machine. I was not happy with the very first gate design but those were
early days, Cintel went on to improve their gate also. We don't have this
Also, I saw a new gate at IBC from Cintel called "DATA" gate that looked
interesting. Are you using this at i^3? I haven't needed to try one yet. I
know 525 never complained of this problem with a standard gate so it maybe
was caused by film path tolerances.

I'm looking forward to Post Ware getting the data output finished, we really
could use this. Pleeeeeeease.

Also, great post Dennis, 100% agree with you.



disclaimer: (Designer at First Art and Technical Director - Rushes London)

Survey = yes please!

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