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Re: C-Reality in Chicago at i^3

                      525 Engineering Email

                          12:10 PM                          10/19/99
                      Re: [TIG] C-Reality in Chicago  at  i^3

Ok, yes our well known Commercial Colorist did work at another place up the road and he did have a CReality and he did like it very much. That other place already had a Spirit when the CReality arrived. They are a very big company, so it may have moved to another office or was returned, I do not know. One of their west side companies has five Spirits, as of two weeks ago. I think they have two Spirits these days, but I could be wrong.

When he joined 525 he very much wanted a CReality, even when a Spirit was offered to him. He believed very much in the quality potential of the CReality.

After several months of software upgrades and promises, he finally had to admit that the CReality was at its peak, for now.
The machine did not scratch, break or in any way harm film. It was, in general, reliable. It is the best machine Cintel has ever manufactured. The Cintel Inc. people in Valencia did there very best to keep it going for us.

It had a few problems with software, it did have a CRT fail one morning at the start of a session, it was very hard to drive, yet overall, our Colorist was very happy with the quality of the pictures he was getting. It is a very quiet machine and has a lot of potential. Unfortunately, it also drifts, even in a constant temperature room.

His Clients continued to request that he get a Spirit. He pays attention to his Clients and finally had to admit that the Spirit would be better for him and his Clients. This was a very difficult decision for him and our company.

The Commercial Clients have seen how stable the Spirit is and how easy it is to get a good picture from the Spirit. We have had very close to zero downtime with our two Spirits. That was never true with past Cintel machines. The Clients notice this sort of thing as in they get the job done a lot quicker.

That Colorist came to me after his first Spirit week and said " it is so easy now, I am so relaxed and I can make the pictures I want now" or something like that. Many Colorists have said the same thing to me. The Clients pick up on these things and they decide that they only want to transfer on a Spirit.

We have happy Colorists and happy Clients now and no downtime.

Without Client pressure, we may well have continued on with the CReality to see where Cintel would take it. It does have a lot of potential.

Another reason for the Spirit is that our CRT bills will go down about two thirds on a Yfront and over three quarters on a CReality. That adds up to a lot of money over a few years. Stability, easy of use, no real downtime, quality pictures that the Client is very happy with and reduced operating costs. These are all good reasons to consider another machine.

I wish the people at Cintel the best. I hope they sell a bunch of Rascals and as many CRealitys as the market will take. The market for high end telecines is very saturated today, so lets see how many really expensive telecines get delivered from any company.

Bob Festa has had a Spirit at that other place for way over a year and I bet his life is easier now, too. Philips has done a good job informing the Client base of the positive aspects to a Spirit. I guess that is why there are 45 in LA and 12 in the London area, according to Philips.

I am not paid by Phillips, Cintel or anybody else that makes this stuff.


Bob Festa wrote:
>At 10:38 AM 10/19/99 -0700,
bob at bluescreen.com wrote:
>>>Its a shame you never asked us over the hill here at 525, John. We
>>>honestly never had such a problem with ours, even though we are in
>>>the subset of those who returned the machine.
>>Now, of course, I just HAVE to ask:
>>Why DID you return the machine?
>And Bob Festa said...what did you replace it with???
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