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Re: C-Reality in Chicago at i^3

Thank you both Bob and Dennis for clarifying any misinformation I  may
have mentioned.  The story always changes the more mouths it goes
It sounds like you and your colorist had the unpleasant experience of
being one of the very first with C-Reality, and if a colorist is not
comfortable with any machine the clients will definitely pick  up on
that.  All I can say that it is very stable now and very easy to make
beautiful pictures any client would love to have.  So if your colorist
can have him give it another look, it sounds like it is totally
different now than when he last worked on it.

Dennis M said,
"Another reason for the Spirit is that our CRT bills will go down about
two thirds on a Yfront and over three quarters on a CReality. That adds
up to a lot of money over a few years. Stability, easy of use, no real
downtime, quality pictures that the Client is very happy with and
reduced operating costs. These are all good reasons to consider another

Lets look at the above and I mean no disrespect to Phillips or anyone
with a Spirit, this is our rationale why we chose C-Reality.

Stability,      not a issue any more on C-Reality.

Ease of use,     this is a non issue.  It is different than making an
image on a Spirit but let's face it, both of these machines it's easy to
make pictures.  It has always been harder for me to make pictures on a
Phillips machine, but I am not used to it it may be easier for someone
else to make pictures on a Spirit.  It is just getting used to one or
the other.

No Down Time,     None on our C-Reality as of yet.

Happy Clients,        That's what is all about,  no one has been

Reduced operating cost,   Well a CRT may be more expensive, but  after
spending over a million plus dollars on a telecine, I am not going to
get frugal now on the light source.  We look at a CRT as not more
expensive but it is a relatively cheap cost for real 2k and 4k.  I don't
think there will be many happy Spirit owners if they have to purchase a
new machine (Spirit 2) or spend 300k-500k upgrade in order to do full
2k/4k transfers.  Again this is what works for us at i^3, they are both
very nice telecines and whatever suits your clients needs so be it.

alex scudiero
partner/colorsit  i^3

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